Our Projects

We have an experienced team of production and inspection personnel to ensure quality.

Talkwithaa Agency
Lagos, Nigeria
Talk With A.A. (Est. 2020), is an infotainment and educative brand. We are a global media brand, thanks to internet technology. We are committed to informing, educating and entertaining you across all social platforms and around the globe irrespective of your location. "We are the town criers in the global village".
Bofirm Academy
Lagos, Nigeria
Bofirm is a fully-featured educational platform that helps instructors to create and publish video courses, live classes, and text courses and earn money, and helps students to learn in the easiest way.
Dalewares Limited
Lagos, Nigeria
DALEWARES Limited offers a wide range of promotional items and special orders. Works closely with manufacturers in supplying custom-made promotional giveaways. We are equipped with a wide range of in-house branding capabilites.We serve both Direct Clients and Distributors.
Prime-Dalton College
Lagos, Nigeria
Prime-Dalton is what school should be: a safe, positive, and friendly learning environment where students are excited to learn, and where open communication, engaging teachers, bright classrooms, and a differentiated curriculum encourage students to thrive.
GLTech Limited
Lagos, Nigeria
GLTech is your trusted Cyber Security Advisor. Our team of professionals are bright minds with a combined experience of over 3 decades in the field of cyber security and IT Auditing. We pride ourselves with qualified team that have managed Cyber security for top global Banks and also consulted for various institutions.
First Counsel Solicitors
Lagos, Nigeria
The firm has a focus-based practice with a reputation, for offering top notch medico-legal services with a client base made up of Nigerian Health Professionals, Patients, Companies, Government health agencies and multinational health organizations.
XCEL Medical Solutions
Lagos, Nigeria
Xcel’s RIS solution, PACS server, DICOM Compliant Viewer and deployment approach ensures highest level of quality, accuracy and affordability despite infrastructure constraints or limited human resource experienced in emerging healthcare landscape.
Seluzo Nigeria
Lagos, Nigeria
Seluzo is an amazingly simple website builder. Launched in Nigeria, it has already helped over numerous users create their own websites. It doesn’t matter if you need a professional website for your company, a beautiful portfolio or a user-friendly eshop, you have the right tool to build the website just the way you want.
TSR Learning
TX, United States
We are a successful platform that focuses on developing individuals into experts who are well equipped to thrive in the real world. We focus on quality, innovation and speed. At TSR, we offer comprehensive training programs that are designed to help you meet your unique career goals.
Duergo Limited
Lagos, Nigeria
Duergo Limited started as a registered company in 2011 and is responsible for promoting ergonomic designs in Nigeria. This work has included the Lasting empowerment for the Nigerian Society (LENS) initiative that has seen the development of educational resources for teaching ‘inclusiveness’ in Nigeria.

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